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Fire Fences Champion the UEFA Champions League Festival

Saturday 3rd June saw Bridgend rock band Fire Fences take to the stage at the UEFA Champions Festival in Cardiff Bay. As the Welsh Capital hosted the Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Juventus, Fire Fences welcomed the exuberant European visitors to the home of the action. The four-piece rock band embraced this particular festival as a once-in-a- lifetime gig that put their name alongside DJ Steve Aoki and Radio 1's Huw Stephens. Powered by their swaggering stage presence and experience, the four Bridgend boys looked at home as they filled the enormous stage with their sound and style.

Fire Fences were evidently the perfect soundtrack to what was an energetic and passionate day for football lovers world wide. Seeing Juventus and Real Madrid fans stand shoulder to shoulder in appreciation of Fire Fences' anthemic tunes echoed the positive atmosphere that filled sunny Cardiff Bay on Saturday afternoon. As passers-by found themselves stopping to listen to Fire Fences, the crowd began to grow in its thousands as the boys opened with their catchy tune "Again & Again". The set of all original music which the Bridgend band brought to the crowd provided plenty of variety for everyone to enjoy. From the Arctic Monkeys-esque, gritty guitar riffs of “Weather” to the rich chordal harmonies of “House of Cards”, Fire Fences demonstrated that they are a band for all people - Welsh, Spanish or Italian!

The Champions Festival saw many arriving solely as football fans but leaving as live music lovers too, as the harmony between football and music became almost tangible thanks to the energy of the football-loving Bridgend band. The European and Welsh visitors alike awaited the evening's kick-off with the sound of Fire Fences rich in their ears and the love of music and football deep in their hearts.

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